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Welcome to CNECOF home the hope for the lonely. We are one and equal it is just that life experiences, opportunities and circumstances that sometimes define the differences, we imagine about ourselves.



this is  one the CNECOF long awaiting children's home and school desire and hope to be completed it, we are trusting God for financial support to complete this PROJECT so  that, the children will feel comfortable ,

2020 Orphanage Budget Proposal that was forward from 2019 due to lack of Resources  :

Solicitation for Sponsorship/Support/Donation

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CNECOF Is one of the largest child care center in north eastern Nigeria with the following population in its various centers :


Gombe Gidan Bege Orphanage is  having 25 children


Kingship care is having 187 children

Education Development center is having 157 children

total number of children that are under CNECOF care as of today February 16, 2020.

beside that the foundation is also sponsoring the education of 15 adults,

7 at College of Education Billiri, 5 at Gombe state university and 3 in Federal University Kashere,

CNECOF render its support to both Christians and Muslims including any other person that is in need,

CNECOF also have Widows Ministry with the population of 143 widows that God is helping us, and we are meeting their needs .


No parent chooses to die and leave their children without defense also no child chooses to be an orphan. UNICEF estimates that approximately 153 million orphans worldwide with sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia having the highest number of orphaned children.

Orphans are different from other vulnerable children in that they have lost a parent. They are grieved. Grieving is painful, demoralizing, traumatizing and is a process, and some children never stop grieving. If they are not helped to overcome this grief, it can become psychologically disabling and they are unlikely to become fully functioning members of the society and the economy.

For this reason, orphaned children need psychological help, especially in cultures where adults do not talk to children about death and where children are discouraged from self-expression. This is evidence that children whose parents have died are at a disadvantage educationally, yet it is not known how much of importance in investing in these children. CNECOF exists” to build the wall and stand in the gap” EZEKIEL 22:30.




As a Charity Faith-based organization that is committed to giving hope and empowering the underprivileged (orphans, vulnerable children, widows).It also helps drug addicts (youth ) by rehabilitating them to be useful members of society. We enhance the quality of life of people through development and empowerment programs i.e. Health initiatives project, educational initiatives programs, humanitarian services, capacity building, advocacy and skills acquisition training.

Areas of Operation

CNECOF Orphanage Home

(Love & Hope Home)

CNECOF Widows Relief & Empowerment Centre

CNECOF Research & Educational  Centre

EL-Polycarp Y. Degri

Lost both parents at a tender age and grew up with a poor widow. The vision began from Tchad Republic in 2009 during his mission work from the age of twenty (20). CNECOF is now a legally established initiative and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja, Nigeria in the year 2016.


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God loves a cheerful giver & will bless you as you help these vulnerable people groups!