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Widows Relief & Empowerment Centre

A widow is a woman who has lost her husband through death and has not married again, the Hebrew word translates “widow” is almana{h”n’m.i;} someone in emotional trouble. It occurs in old testament fifty-six times (56)

  1. Upon the death of a spouse, a widow loses 75% of her support base. It is imperative for churches to stand in the gap (Widow’s Hope).
  2. Widows have a 30% higher risk of death in the first six months after the death of their husbands. They lost hope from their respective churches and some even went for prostitution just to cater for her fatherless children need, some are their girl child that engage into such act of prostitution so as to enable them forward their education, feeding and other life basic need. they at a point truly die of a broken heart.

That is why CNECOF established the widows’ ministry in order to attend to their various needs to enable both the mother and her fatherless children access life basic amenities and live in a comfortable life through CNECOF friends and partners.

CNECOF currently has 146 widows under its care.