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Solicitation for Sponsorship/Support/Donation Towards the Completion of The Orphans & Vulnerable Children's School For North-East Nigeria

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Welcome to our educational and mission rehabilitation center, where CNECOF as a mission-minded organization is dedicated to giving humanitarian services, rehabilitation of the drugs addict youth and giving free education to the orphans and vulnerable children.

Challenges Of Orphans and Vulnerable Children In Accessing Education

Orphans continue to face many challenges in the area of education-from the lack of schools to lack of qualified teachers to lack of school equipment and facilities.

Orphans growing up in some of the poorest homes are unable to access schooling simply because of where they are born; long distance to the nearest school; poor standards within schools; inability to pay for the uniform or books; no parents to look after them and many other issues relating to poverty, poor health and living conditions.

More than other children, orphans and vulnerable children have been found likely to attend or finish school; and those who are lucky to do attend school are likely to be in the appropriate class for their age. Orphans and vulnerable children have been found to have higher dropout rates, and are more likely to perform poorly in school due to the following factors:

  1. Hunger and stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Stigmatization and social exclusion
  4. Difficulty to concentrate and learn
  5. High demand for labor at home, household chores and responsibilities
  6. Little motivation for learning due to depression and worries
  7. Lack of homework support or household encouragement
  8. Tiredness during class
  9. Erratic school attendance and or absenteeism
  10. Drug and substance abuse to reduce stress, worries, and frustration
  11. Difficulty in participating in certain school and extra-curricular activities
  12. Difficulty in accessing quality and relevant school of his choice
  13. Denial of the right of education

All these and many other reasons may well affect their ability and potential to perform well like non-orphaned children.

An orphaned child if not properly taken care of and educated could lead that child to be distracted and engage in vices capable of compromising his future. An idle and depressed mind can be the devil’s workshop for fabricating all sorts of evil.